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All our biosecurity protocols are designed for your peace of mind

We have implemented rigorous protocols in each of our spaces in order to prevent risks for our guests.

Breathe easy, we have many outdoor environments where you can exercise and rest because in Wyndham Garden being isolated does not mean closing in.

We have not only reinforced cleaning processes. Your room and all the areas you walk to get to it are permanently disinfected.
Our human team is formed and trained to help you with the local regulations created to take care of your health. (Photo of receptionist with mask and face mask)

Every person who enters Wyndham Garden Villavicencio Golf Resort and Convention Center goes through the process of disinfecting their shoes, clothes, suitcases and personal items by spraying.

We comply with strict processes in food preparation, service and payment systems. Our suppliers must have sanitary certifications and comply with our rigorous delivery procedure where fresh food has a minimum of handling.

The new arrangement of furniture in the restaurants, the pizzeria, the lobby and the different living rooms guarantee social distancing.

You and your family can exercise in complete tranquility practicing individual sports such as tennis or golf while enjoying the landscapes of Los Llanos Orientales.

# Relax, you are here