Notice of Privacy


In compliance with the Statutory Law 1581 of 2.012 of Data Protection (LEPD) and rules that regulate it, this Privacy Notice aims to obtain the express and informed authorization of the Owner for the treatment and transfer of your data to third parties . The treatment conditions are the following:

1. DIPLOMAT WYNDHAM GARDEN VILLAVICENCIO identified with the NIT No. 900.511.601, will be responsible for the processing of your personal data.

2. In order to receive comprehensive attention as a customer, the personal data collected will be treated with the following purposes:

  • Administrative procedures

  • Administrative management

  • Management of internal statistics

  • Customer Loyalty and Management

  • Marketing

  • Opinion polls

  • Offering products and services

3. It is optional to provide information on Sensitive Data, understood as those that affect privacy or generate some type of discrimination, or about minors.

4. The policy of treatment of the data of the Holder, as well as the substantial changes that occur in it, may be viewed at the following email:

5. The Holder may exercise the rights of access, correction, deletion, revocation or claim for infringement of their data by writing to DIPLOMAT WYNDHAM GARDEN VILLAVICENCIO at the email address, indicating in the subject the right you want to exercise, or by ordinary mail sent to Kilometer 3.5 via Quisqueya - Vereda Brisas de Upin, Restrepo - Meta.

Base Document Prepared by: Protecdata Colombia